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2-part penetrating epoxy primer coat

WHY you must have a 2-part epoxy PRIMER BOND COAT

Our chemist created and formulated our penetrating epoxy primer bond coat in 2001. Listed below you will find the reasons why you must use an epoxy primer and why UltraGuard has less than 1½% failures and a BBB rating of A+ since 2003.

Our 2-part epoxy penetrating primer is a very thin viscosity, water resistant and has the ability to penetrate into the pool pores and actually become part of the pool structure. By doing this you actually waterproof the interior of your pool. Water behind the walls and under the floor is called hydrostatic pressure in time will penetrate your concrete and will push off any coating that is on it. That is one of the main reasons pool coating fail.

By using our exclusive primer you get a physical and chemical bond of 5,500 psi. These physical and chemical properties make it virtually impossible for the UltraGuard Super Epoxy color topcoat to blister, pop off, delaminate or chalk. And that’s a guarantee we have been giving for the past 10 years.

We have the only primer bond coat to utilize with almost any surface including previously painted pools with pool paint, epoxy pool paint, rubber based pool paint, acrylic pool paint etc. without the need or cost of sandblasting.

Why other epoxy coatings fail that don’t use a penetrating epoxy primer.

There is a product on the market that is identical to ours, that claims they do not require a primer due to its thermo setting properties and etching. That’s why they are having failures today and have a F rating with the BBB in 2 short years. Only our system is capable of withstanding the hydrostatic pressure of water under the pool and on the sides of the walls that is the major cause of getting blisters or other types of failures within 2-3 years. When you get the blistering it becomes a health issue where bacteria and algae can form that can give you eye, ear and other fungal infections.

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