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Aquaguard Part 1

I feel it's truly unfortunate that in the pool industry there is no advocate or spokesman that will tell the consumer the truth about different pool coatings from manufacturers that misrepresent the quality of their product. Especially the warranties they don’t really stand behind. I have taken the position of consumer advocate to try to protect the homeowner from these unethical manufacturers.

After reading this information plus the Aqua Guard 5000 website that's on PoolRestoration.com, I am sure you know by now that the FDA did not receive MSDS Reports that stated it was a deadly Xylene Solvent based product.

I was told from a very good source that Aqua Guard 5000 bought a unit of our top color coat that contains no solvents and took our label off and put their label on. This is possible but I cannot prove it.

Aqua Guard 5000 Website is fraudulent, filled with lies and the National and Local District Attorney should be made aware of this. I plan to send the FDA the website from American Pools Inc where he states that in his Aqua Guard 5000 color top coat you must use 38-40 ounces of toxic Xylene Solvents and all of its harmful effects in the pages you are going to read.

In 2009, we had Aqua Guard 5000 products tested with Sherry Laboratories in Oklahoma. We proved at that time that the Aqua Guard 5000 is nothing more than a thick paint that will fail. Today, with the information you are about to read we are once again in the position to prove the same results. By using Xylene Solvent instead of MEK it will once again fail.

I plan to send this information to the National District Attorney and all Local District Attorneys especially in Florida where the product is manufactured. There is a good possibility that they will close his factory. Remember, he does not have confidence in his product. That is why he cannot offer a warranty.

After reading this, the question I have for you "Does Aqua Guard 5000 have any credibility and can you believe anything that this website says???" There has been a WAR since 2008. Yes! A scandalous, lying, fraudulent WAR. UGlass It has had two F-ratings with the BBB in the past 7 years and Aqua Guard 5000 manufactured by Aquatic Tech Inc. both were losing business to UltraGuard. I am aware of 27 negative slanderous lies that they fabricated against Ken Bankoff and UltraGuard but this time I will not allow this to happen. The truth always prevails! You now have a major decision to make and that is to trust UltraGuard to be the best proven coating in the pool industry today that is accepted and endorsed by architects, engineers, and even a paint chemist and of course an A+ rating from the BBB or put your trust in the history of 2 companies, a product, and a website that are all lies. If you really believe there is a better product in the pool industry including EHB Epoxy Paints that will always chalk within a year or two I got a great price on a bridge I would like to sell you.

Click Here and learn about how UltraGuard was threatened by Aqua Guard 5000.

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