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(1) Since 2003, how is it possible you have not had any manufacturer on the UltraGuard Challenge meet your challenge?

That's true! When UltraGuard first went on the internet, manufacturers have known they will not get the longevity out of their product as UltraGuard does.

(2) I read your statement that all paints will chalk within a year or two and then possibly start to peel. Why doesn't this happen to UltraGuard?

When the United States Government took lead out of all their paint including baby toys that is when the pool industry and all paints for pools started to chalk sometimes the first year. We have 100% solids and never had lead even 15 -20 years ago. We have an industrial coating which is not pool paint. It will not chalk, blister, or flake and thatís a guarantee!

(3) I read your Better Business Report and in 1974 you became a member. Did you have an A+ rating all this time?

Unfortunately, I cannot say that is true. I had major failures using fiberglass on pools. I did not have a rating at all in the late 70ís and early 80ís with the BBB but since 2001 as a contractor and 2003 also using UltraGuard but on the internet I have had an A+ rating thanks to a product called UltraGuard.

(4) Iím thinking about using your UltraGuard because of all the reasons you say in your video and proved with your MSDS Sheets and of course your warranties that you offer. How is it that you are capable of giving a warranty on a DIY and no other manufacturer does so?

I agree. Our warranty of 5 and 10 years is important but what really counts is the longevity of 12+ years because of the 1-1 relationship I have with my customers and of course the quality of our product at this time if other manufacturers would have a product comparable to UltraGuard they would be able to offer warranties as well.

(5) I see other companies with their videos claiming they are national distributors for the UltraGuard. Why have you sold your website and business so many times?

Unfortunately, these were all pool companies of which did not perform on the level that was expected of them. If you wish, call 1-888-639-7695 and I will go into further detail.

(6) I read your testimonials and they seem very strong. How is it that you have not updated your testimonials in the past 5 years or more?

I felt I had plenty of testimonials from commercial pools, contractors, and of course close to 5,000 home owners that was more than enough to satisfy any one looking at them.

(7) Are there other national manufacturers using a product similar to UltraGuard?
Yes, But not in the pool industry. Other products are not typically as dense with cross-linking polymers, and in most cases do not use a bond coat. Click Here for further details.Ultimately their application becomes porous and fails because they are not a permanent concrete swimming pool repair and not a true industrial coating that have 100% solids.

(8) The plaster on my pool floor is very rough. What can I do to make it smooth so my children will not hurt their feet? And also I have some pop-off and hollow areas. I realize I must do some sort of pool plaster repair.
Go to Home Depot and buy a bag of playground sand and a window screen, and buy a product called Acrylic Mortar Admix. This liquid that you buy in the concrete department cannot contain silicone. Buy an 18” squeegee. Buy 2 5-gallon buckets and 1 1-gallon bucket. Find a hardware store or lumberyard that sells white cement.

After screening the sand, use the 1-gallon bucket to mix 2 parts sand to1 part white cement. Box back and forth into empty 5-gallon bucket until thoroughly mixed.

Put 1 and ¼ gallons of acrylic modifier into a 5-gallon bucket. Then mix your concrete into the acrylic modifier to a consistency of a pancake mix. Pour this mix the entire width of your pool. Pull back with your squeegee over the highs and filling the lows. Next day sand down the ridges. You now have a very smooth pool plaster repair floor that is ready for the UltraGuard bond coat.

(9) I have an old plaster pool that was painted with rubber paint. After 2 years it’s peeling, blistering and chalking. Do I have to sandblast my pool prior to using your UltraGuard?
You do not have to remove all of your paint and certainly not sandblast. Read Prepping your painted swimming pool on the homepage, right hand side, at the bottom. Follow those instructions.

(10) I have been told any second coat on a previously painted pool will not last more than 1 to 2 years. Why is this?
What the pool paint and epoxy paint manufacturers don’t tell you. That is very true because all paints in time will chalk because of the clay fillers that they have in their products and it is not a permanent concrete swimming pool repair. The initial paint on your marcite plaster should last 3 to 4 years. During that 3 to 4 year period the paint starts to chalk. Pool paint manufacturers claim for a second coat you have to acid wash, power wash then you are ready for your next coat of paint. This is not true. Your original paint is still chalking, creating a barrier that will not permit the second coat to adhere. We will not sell our UltraGuard unless you prep your pool properly. We don’t want the track record that conventional paints have. When you apply our penetrating sealer bond coat it actually becomes part of the pool structure. Our top color coat has a chemical and physical adhesive bond strength of 2000 psi. You now have a no fail system where you will never have to restore a painted swimming pool again.

(11) I have read an epoxy website for pool coatings that has a 5-year warranty. How does this differ from your 5-year warranty?
Warranties are always made in the favor of the manufacturer. They normally hold many loop holes and qualifications. One main reason for paint failure is chalking caused by the clay, silica and fillers they add to the resin. Their loophole excuse is usually that they say your water chemistry was off and calcium is causing the chalking not the paint.

If a failure of blistering or delamination occurs they will ask you to send samples of your paint. They will test your paint and prove you did not prep your pool properly. Their prepping instructions have always been inadequate. If we know the proper procedures of prep why don’t they? Why don’t they tell you about the calcium, morning dew or the temperature of your pool shell? There are many other swimming pool repair tips they should tell you but don’t.

(12) I purchased your UltraGuard 3000 4-years ago. I would like to know when to recoat my pool. It looks fine at this time.
Our product is translucent because it does not contain clays or fillers with 100% solids. On your UltraGuard 3000 you originally had 3-4 mils thickness. Water wears down any product. When your UltraGuard gets down to approx. ½ a mil you will be able to see the previous undercoat. At this time all you have to do is lightly abrade or scuff the pool surface. You will not have to be concerned with chalking, blistering or any other product failures that you could have with other products. Remember repairing a gunite pool with UltraGuard weither it’s the 3000, 4500, or 6000 it is the ultimate swimming pool repair kit.

(13) If we apply the UltraGuard and it fails what are the conditions of your warranty?
We first ask you to send a sample of your pool failure. We will then have our chemist test it to find out why it failed. We will send you a copy of this report to make sure you don’t make the same mistake again. You must give us your control number and we will send you more material to repair concrete in ground pool.

Click Here for a Typical Testing Report.

(14) I applied epoxy paint on my pool and it failed the 1st year. It came off in sheets on the walls of the pool not the floor. The manufacturer and contractor told me my water table was too high. Do you believe that this was the cause of our failure?
Before any coating is applied to any pool substrate a moisture test must be taken. Did you do a moisture test? I doubt the water table was the reason for failure. If it was only the top that failed then you probably needed a french drain around your pool.
Mr. Miller had a 5-year warranty from his contractor and the manufacturer in which they did not stand behind. When you apply our UltraGuard a 5 and 10 year warranty you will be told how to repair a cement pool and you will never have to go to the cost of doing it again with a longevity far greater then it’s guarantee.

Click Here to read about Mr. Miller’s Similar Ordeal.

(15) I painted my pool with a 2-part epoxy paint system 4 years ago. I can now see concrete and not paint in some areas. My pool has been cloudy for the past 2 years and I find it very difficult to maintain good water chemistry and fix this problem. What do you think caused this to happen?
When you mixed your epoxy A and B you may not have mixed it properly or there was moisture on the pool at time of application. The instructions that we give our customers to restore a epoxy swimming pool paint is very comprehensive and it will not fail.

(16) Why is UltraGuard superior to other pool interior applications such as Paint, Plaster, and Fiberglass?

Click These Links to Find Out ( PAINT) ( PLASTER) ( FIBERGLASS)
The easiest pool to repair is a fiberglass pool by using our swimming pool fiberglass repair kit.
The system we use for pool plaster repair two people can easily accomplish this restoration.
Swimming pool paint has had a history of failures our Epoxy pool paint has been successful 99% of the time with fiberglass pools.

(17) I would like to know if you have a client referral list that can attest to the fact that your product is as good as you claim?
Positively! We believe that the decision has already been made for you because of our referrals. Our customers referrals includes contractors and even a paint chemist will tell why repairing a gunite pool the ultra guard way is long lasting.
Click Here for list of Commercial and Residential Referrals

(18) If UltraGuard is so good, why aren’t more contractors handling your product?
You are right. This has been the Best Kept Secret in the pool industry today.
Pool contractors today have no compassion for their customers. They know, what is being offered for pool interior restorations is a perpetual, chronic, application. UltraGuard has been the best kept secret in the pool industry because plastering and painting pools have always been a high volume, high profit business, with a life expectancy of only 2-6 years with no warranties. Our DIY swimming pool resurfacing system we have been offering since 2003 is the best pool coating offered today.

UltraGuard is not a high volume installation. The materials used for our coatings are Hi-Tech, Cross-Linking Polymers. These materials are far more expensive then any other products being used in the pool coating industry today.

In just 2-3 days, the average person will find it far easier to install our product over other pool interior applications and save between $5,000-$10,000 depending on the size of your pool.

(19) It is nearly 10 years since I applied your UltraGuard 6000. How will I know when my pool needs to be recoated?
When the bond coat starts to show through your color topcoat it’s time to recoat. At that time lightly sand with a 35-40 grit sand paper with a small hand grinder. Clean pool. You are ready to recoat. At this time you will not have to be concerned about chalking, blistering or product failure.

(20) My swimming pool has been losing a inch of water daily, what do you recommend.
Our swimming pool leak repair has been proven successful 99% of the time..

(21) I have been spending close to a hundred dollars a week on chemicals and the high cost of water. Do you think you have a permanent way to repair my leak and the cost that I have.
For the past 10 years we had hundreds of customers with the same problem. All of our customers have found that there swimming pool leak repair cost have been cut down to zero when you use our exclusive way of stopping leaks.

(22) I have been searching the internet for different products that fix leaks, and also that offer a warranty. What makes your Ultra Guard repair superior to others?

As you found out on the internet there are many pool leak repair products we believe that our system to stop leaks is the only way to repair a pool.

(23) My neighbor had a leak in their fiber glass pool you told them how to fix it. I have a gunite plaster pool that is leaking. Will I fix my leak the same way my neighbor did.
I can guarantee you our exclusive way to fix a leak in any type of pool will be successful.

(24) We just moved into this new house and found out this 30 year old pool has been leaking. What do you recommend to fix this leak?
The first thing I would do is call a local contractor to pressure test you lines. I would use food die if you see any cracks. You could also call a specialist that uses high tech ways to find a pool leak, but this procedure is quite expensive. Our fix a leak swimming pool leak repair is superior to any system in the pool industry today.

(25) This past year I have had major pool problems and have had 3 bids from 3 different pool contractors ranging from 15 thousand to 25 thousand dollars. Using your system how much do you think it will cost to repair my pool?
The first thing you must do is empty your pool there will be steps you will take which will tell me the problems you have. Upon completion I will be able to tell you the actual swimming pool repair cost. I should be able to save you at least 5 to 10 thousand dollars.

(26) My one-piece fiberglass drop in pool needs a new topcoat. I searched on the Internet for a source to buy a gel coat for my pool, but to my dismay, I could only find one source that was not a manufacturer or a wholesale distributor. None of these sources offered any warranties. Will the UltraGuard product work well on my pool surface and why is it better than a gel coat?
I am sure you found out there are over 130,000 listings on the Internet about fiberglass gel coats, and as you noted, no national manufacturer or distributor is willing to offer a quality gel coat as a redo on any old swimming pool. Your one-piece fiberglass pool, when first manufactured, had a thick gel coat placed on the mold first and then the fiberglass shell on top of that. By manufacturing a pool in this manner the gel coat could not extrotherminate (over heat), which gives it a greater life expectancy.

On a redo on an old fiberglass spa or pool the Vinyl Esters Gel Coats dry from the bottom up so they hydrate outward and crystallize. This leaves small holes in their coatings making them porous. This will eventually deteriorate, blister, oxidize and chalk over a period of time."

(27) I noticed you do not have any pictures of a one-piece fiberglass pool on your website. Can your UltraGuard be used on a one-piece fiberglass pool as a top color coat?
It is the only product that should be used on any pool interior, which will give any longevity. There are claims made today that gel coats have been improved over the years. This is not true for swimming pool application.

(28) My fiberglass Jacuzzi spa has small pinholes that are causing leakage and the top GelCoat has disappeared. Can UltraGuard correct these problems?
Positively. We recommend grinding the entire spa to remove the balance of the Gelcoat. Using our special structural putty, the pinholes are then filled in and lightly sanded after the curing period. You are now ready for the UltraGuard topcoats.

(29) Our pool is 30 years old. It has a Fiberglass wall and a Concrete floor and is leaking. HELP!
With the UltraGuard and structural putty system you are capable of taking this type of construction, which characteristically has the problems that you mention, to where upon completion of your project using our materials, we can assure you of a pool that is leak proof and the beautiful appearance of a brand new pool. I have built the type pool you have in your back yard 25 – 30 years ago it was the finest most expensive pool of its day if you follow my exclusive do it yourself fiberglass pool repair you will bring you pool back where it looks as good as the first day it was built.

(30) How thick is the UltraGuard application?
Unlike conventional swimming pool paint or epoxy paint, which is at best 4 mils thick and will shrink when applied, UltraGuard bond coat and one topcoat are applied approximately 10 mils thick. This can be proven by clicking on our MSDS sheets product info that confirms that in fact it is 20 mils Architech and Engineers accept this a the gospel truth. The Armor color stone is approximately 3/8 of a inch thick. Both UltraGuard and Armor color stone, at time of cure, will expand 10 to 15%. Our contractors offer a 10-year warranty on the Armor color stone.

Click Here for Info on Armor Color Stone

(31) How does freezing affect the UltraGuard product?
Our product works extremely well with the expansion coefficient of concrete under freezing conditions. Our penetrating bond coat, which has a 2000-PSI adhesive strength, actually becomes the integral part of the substrate, which now can be used in freeze/thaw climates.

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