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Amazing 1% failures!

We have shipped over 5,000 homeowners since 2003. Our failures are less than 1%. Since then during this period we had approximately 70-75 failures. During this time there were 30 or 35 people we could not satisfy. I donít believe any contractor could have satisfied these people. We bend backwards to try to make our customers happy.

The bulk of these customers did not have a control number and did not call us every step of the way for instructions. We would not have the highest rating of A plus from tbe BBB if this were not true.

99.5% customer satisfaction rate

-If you break down the figures that are listed above it will show you that we have a 99.5%

-There is no manufacture on the internet today that comes this close to satisfying their customers

-There is no manufacture on the internet today that have testimonials that are 6 -13 years old

-There is no manufacture on the internet today in the pool coating industry that has an A+ rating

-There is no manufacture on the internet since 2003 has ever met the UltraGuard challenge. The only way they hope to get a order from you is by misleading the quality of their products or make negative statements about the UltraGuard which of course is a LIE. If you can prove to me that this website in anyway misrepresents or you find what you consider a lie we will give you your order for free.

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