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Our failure rate is now less than 1%

UltraGuard has proven itself over the years to be a revolutionary and superior pool coating. I am very proud even astonished with the announcement that I am about to make. Our failure rate is now less than 1%. This is due to the control that we have with our customers and the confidence we have in our product.

Once you place your order we send you 11-pages of instructions which you never read. We cover everything in those instructions step by step and will not allow you to go to the next step until we think you are ready. That is one of the reasons we have less than 1% failures. Remember the devil is in the prep.

No manufacture of paints or any other pool coatings can claim this type of success. Less than 1% failures.

No manufacture of paints or any other pool coatings can provide any substantial negative remarks about the quality of UltraGuard.

It is a known fact in the pool industry that manufactures of other pool coatings are not happy how critical I am about their products. Everything that is negative about fiberglass, plaster and all kinds of paints is true and comes from my personnel experiences with them. My customer e-mails have told me horror stories that they have experienced with the products I just mentioned.

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