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When you need a primer bond coat

The arch enemy for many pool failures is hydrostatic pressure. This happens when water gets underneath the pool or behind the walls. The shell of all gunite pools are porous. The water underneath your pool is actually capable of pushing off any coating you may have. If you have a painted pool, this is one of the reasons you are getting blisters. There are manufactures of epoxy paints that do not offer a primer bond coat. You should never never consider buying their product. These companies usually do not have any warranties.

Our primer bond coat actually becomes part of the pool structure. When you install our color top coat the two become one. You now have a physical and chemical bond. It is virtually impossible for UltraGuard to pop-off or delaminate as other products do.

Our primer bond coat stops hydration which is 100% responsable of all pool failures. We will not sell you the UltraGuard with a warranty if you do not use a primer bond coat. As you know we are under 1% failures, which no other coating in the pool industry can match. And we want to keep it this way for many years to come. DO IT ONCE...DO IT RIGHT!! Unused merchandise cannot be returned.

There now is a company offering a product similar to ours but they use an inexpensive power as a primer bond coat. This was never tested for swimming pool environment for any length of time as a primer. This is probably the reason he has had failures and no longer has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you want a true physical and chemical bond you must use our 2 part epoxy that we have been using and has been tested for over 10 years.

One of the reasons we only have a 1.5% failure rate is because of our deep penetrating Primer Bond. Don't be fooled by other Companies that claim a primer is not needed because it self etches. Find Out More Here.


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